AdWords Power Up! Warning ⚠ Auto Ad Suggestions

Starting 29th April 2018, Google ad recommendations are going to start being added to your account automatically. This means that Google is going to create adverts and automatically tick them live in your account.

You need to take action now, otherwise, you’re not going to be in control of your ad copy and this could be quite an issue.

Taking back control of your ads

First things first, you must be using the new interface, you can’t turn off automated ad recommendations in the old AdWords interface.

When in your AdWords account, on the Campaign view, go to “settings” on the left-hand menu and jump across to account setting. In here you can see ad suggestions set to auto-apply 14 days.

You can change the setting to “do not automatically apply these ads”.

Essentially, this means instead of these ads going automatically live and spending your ad spend, the ads will be created without being published and you can see what Google is creating.

Google ad recommendations will be interesting as you may find some new ideas for ad copy. But with early tests, it’s probably safer to turn off automatic for now and give it a bit of time to see if the AI can create something worthwhile.