Dev Diary Rewind 2019

It was a good year. We got on the big G’s radar. Progress over the last quarter has been rapid.

In this 21 minute video, I recap the progress we’ve made over the past 4 months. Join me as I discuss the development diaries, the alpha build, the early access and the future!

Warning: this video is produced in my typical upbeat, high-energy style!


A quick itinerary of the video:

– Budget Commander
– Evo Feed
– Ad Testing
– The future plan
– Account overview

I hope that gives you a good idea of how AdEvolver will revolutionise the way you manage and optimise your Google Ad accounts.

Have a great New Year!

By Ed Leake

Ed Leake is a seasoned professional with decades of experience in the world of internet and advertising. He was one of the earliest adopters of domain ownership and website monetization. Ed built his first website in 1996 and has since managed over $250 million in ad spend. He is an agency owner, SaaS product owner, Ad Tech builder, PPC specialist, investor, and mentor. He has been running his agency, Midas Media, for over 13 years and acquired Adboozter in 2018. Ed also built AdEvolver, a tool to automate Google Ads accounts at scale. He uses his expertise to help businesses grow from small to large, leveraging Google Ads and Analytics, along with a significant focus on conversion optimization.