Double Your Conversion Rates with these Ad Copy Examples

Would you like to double your Google AdWords PPC conversion rate? Of course you would!

For most advertisers, the main goal is to increase conversion rate while keeping the cost per conversion low. Yet simple copy changes can help achieve this goal.

Here are 3 quick conversion and click-through rate boosting copy hacks:

1. Numeric values

Changing text into numeric values makes ad copy snappier and makes your ad stand out more, as well as helping lift your click-through rate by 15-20% and conversion rate as much as 10%.

2. Ask a question

Asking a question in your ad copy can more than double your conversion rate but not lift your click-through rate. This means you’ll receive more conversions without paying for the extra clicks – result!

3. Trademarks

If you’ve got a registered mark or trademark for your brand, product or service, you must include the symbol within your ad copy. By instilling trust within your audience, you will gain a click-through rate uplift of nearly 30% with no negative impact on your conversion rate.

So that’s it. Numeric values, ask a question and trademarks. Three quick, easy and brilliant copy hacks to help lift your conversion and click-through rates by double!