38 Free Videos – Google Analytics ‘Secrets’

Learn how to repeatedly turn browsers in to buyers, and clicks in to sales, with my free analytics training series.

I’ve uploaded all 38 videos of my “Analytics Secrets” course to my personal YouTube channel.

You can watch them at your leisure, completely free.

Repeatedly turn browsers in to buyers, and clicks in to sales.

Go beyond the basics, ditch the theory and work through real-world actionable examples, that you can apply to your ecommerce business – today.

  • Build the Best Advanced Segments
  • Deploy Quick-Fire Reports for Quick Rewards
  • Mine for Sales in Your Search Query Goldmine™
  • Go Big Fish Hunting for Bigger Average Order Size
  • Multi-channel Trend Spotting for Bigger ROI
  • Deploy Retargeting Tactics That Just Work
  • Learn Yet More Ways to Sell that You Won’t Find in Other Courses!

Tailor Google Analytics to your unique online business, or miss a massive opportunity for more sales.

There’s no quick-fix, one size fits all method, even though people try to sell you that all the time.

The playlist found here contains all the lessons from my original flagship training course, “Analytics Secrets that Get Every Sale from AdWords”.

In short, it’s using my Google Ad and Analytic strategies for winning more ROAS.

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Spending more on marketing is not the only answer

It certainly shouldn’t be the first, either.

In this Google Ads and Analytics training, you’ll learn how to take your sales performance to the next level.

You’ll learn how to better measure your marketing, so you know precisely where to spend your hard-earned marketing budget.

With a data-driven approach, you’ll put yourself ahead of competitors and other marketers.

Dive even deeper and discover one of the best Google Analytics courses not by width, but by depth – this is the 80/20 you need to succeed.

Here’s the full course outline:

Stop using analytics to merely report the past, use your data to guide your strategy and apply these actionable tactics in your business – today.

Clean Data is Digital Life (or Death)

1. Good Housekeeping is Critical
2. Fault Finding Common Problems
3. Critical Conversion Tracking

Conversions & Segments

4. Conversion Solutions
5. How to: Use Advanced Segments
6.1 Let’s Build Advanced Segments
6.2 Let’s Build Advanced Segments Part 2

Hands-on with Advanced Segments

7.1 Search Query Goldmine
7.2 Search Query Goldmine Part 2
7.3 Search Query & ROAS Opportunties (with heatmaps)
7.4 Big Fish Hunting
7.5 Avoiding Cold Feet
7.6 Big Fish, Bigger Fish, Whales

Deploy Quick-fire Custom Reports

8.1 How to: Find & Fix Dead Ends
8.2 How to: Pivot Quantity & Quality
8.3 Opportunity vs Reward
8.4 Product Performance “V2”

Join Your Digital Dots with Attribution

9.1 Attribution, It’s a Trap!
9.2 How to: UTM Tracking Templates to improve your data
9.3 AdWords & Analytics Disagree + Quick Fix
9.4 Ask These Questions of Your Customer Journey
9.5 Multi-channel Trend Spotting
9.6 Go Deeper with Conversion Path, Lag and Assists

Attribution Models, Pros & Cons

10.1 Default, First, Last and AdWords Last Click Models
10.2 Linear, Positional and Time Decay Models
10.3 Building Your Custom Attribution Model

Easy Remarketing Tactics

11.1 Let’s Talk Retargeting Tactics
11.2 Low Hanaging Fruit, Layered Bids & Distracted Buyers
11.3 Time Based Segments Convert Like Wildfire
11.4 Ditch the Discounts, do this Instead
11.5 Riding Competitor Coat-tails
11.6 RLSA + DSA, the Lazy Switch
11.7 Close Your Eyes & Think of ROI

Advanced Retargeting Tactics

11.8 Reinforce Your Email Opens
11.9 Exit Page Superpowers
12.1 Supercharge Sales with Site Search Retargeting
12.2 The Double-tap Re-engagement
12.3 Burn Baby Burn

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By Ed Leake

Ed Leake is a seasoned professional with decades of experience in the world of internet and advertising. He was one of the earliest adopters of domain ownership and website monetization. Ed built his first website in 1996 and has since managed over $250 million in ad spend. He is an agency owner, SaaS product owner, Ad Tech builder, PPC specialist, investor, and mentor. He has been running his agency, Midas Media, for over 13 years and acquired Adboozter in 2018. Ed also built AdEvolver, a tool to automate Google Ads accounts at scale. He uses his expertise to help businesses grow from small to large, leveraging Google Ads and Analytics, along with a significant focus on conversion optimization.